Processing & Characterization in-situ

  • DSI Gleeble 3500 Thermomechanical Test System (Low friction force & high force pocket jaw , strip annealing system, Load cells 5kN/22kN/100kN, diametric and longitudinal LVDT strain gauges, water/gas quenching capability, atmosphere: high vacuum/furnace gas)
  • DSI Gleeble hot Torsion system
  • TECNAR/NRC Laser Ultrasonics for Metallurgy Sensor (LUMet)
  • Tube/Box furnaces for high temperature heat treatment in controlled atmosphere
  • Oil/salt baths (Max temperature 700°C)
  • Laboratory scale rolling mill (sample width <50 mm)
  • DSI Thermocouple spot welder
  • Run-out Table simulator (Coupled with box furnace)
  • FORESTER Sigmatest 2.069 resistivity measurement testing assembly (Low temperature resistivity rig)
  • MTS hydraulic load frames, digitally controlled units, testing capability from 77 to 1000K (Instron 8874, Instron 8872)
  • Hardness testing (Macro/micro indentation)
  • MTS Nano Indenter CSM/LFM control Unit
  • SETARAM – CALVET Differential Calorimeter C80
  • 3D Digital Image Correlation (High speed camera and acquisition)

Sample preparation for metallography

  • BUEHLER Pneumet 1 hot mounting press
  • BUEHLER Phoenix 4000 Sample preparation system (grinding/polishing)
  • BUEHLER Vibromet 2 Vibratory polisher
  • DC/AC power supply (Electro polishing/etching)

Optical Microscopy

  • NIKON Epiphot 300 Inverted optical microscope (Bright/Dark Field, Mag (x50, x100, x200, x500, x1000, light filters & polarizers)
  • CLEMEX Tango controllers for motorized stages attached to the Optical microscope Epiphot

Electronic Microscopy

  • Hitachi H800 Scanning Electron microscope
  • Carl Zeiss NTS Ltd. Sigma scanning electron microscope
  • Digiview detector for Electron Back Scattered Diffraction
  • Rigaku MultiFlex X-Ray Diffraction detector
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy detector


  • ABAQUS (Finite Element Modeling)
  • CLEMEX vision software (Quantitative image analysis and post processing)
  • CTOME (Laser ultrasonic data analysis)
  • EDAX/TSL OIM software (EBSD and Texture Analysis)
  • IMAGE J (Quantitative image analysis and post processing)
  • IntAnn (Microstructure evolution simulator for intercritical annealing)
  • LAVISION software (Digital Correlation Image analysis)
  • LAMMPS (Molecular Dynamic Simulation)
  • MATLAB (Scientific calculation and data analysis)
  • MAXIMA (Scientific calculation and data analysis)
  • MICRESS (Phase Field calculation)
  • MONTECARLO In-House Kinetic MonteCarlo Script
  • MTEX Toolbox (Quantitative Texture Analysis)
  • THERMOCALC software (Database on Iron and Aluminium alloys system)
  • SETARAM Thermal Analysis suite
  • VASP (ab initio calculation package)