People and Publications

Matthias Militzer – Director of CMPE

Dofasco Chair in Advanced Steel Processing

  • Multi-scale modelling of microstructure evolution
  • Physical metallurgy of advanced high strength steels
  • Cu interconnects

Ed Asselin

  • Hydrometallurgy (including leaching, electrometallurgy and residue characterization)
  • Electrochemistry (including high temperature electrochemistry and sensors)

Dan Bizzotto

Electrochemical processes from:

  • the purification of metals, metal deposition
  • the detection method used in some biosensors
  • the creation of electrical energy in a fuel cell or battery

Steven Cockcroft

  • Physical phenomena in non-ferrous casting: hot tearing
  • Continuous Casting, EB Melting and Refining, Vaccuum Casting
  • Finite element-based heat flow and stress codes
  • Optimization of industrial casting processes
  • Mathematical modeling

David G. Dixon

Hydrometallurgy Group

  • fixed-bed leaching
  • fundamentals of hydrometallurgical reactors

David Dreisinger

Hydrometallurgy Group

  • technology development and technology transfer

Ilya Elfimov

DFTU Manager – QMI

Mohamed Gadala

Design and Applies Mechanics

  • Finite Element Formulation of Nonlinear and Fracture Mechanics Problems
  • Design Optimizations Using the Finite Element Method
  • Bulk and sheet metal forming applications
  • On Line Machine Monitoring and Crack Identification
  • Numerical Simulation of Controlled Cooling Process of Steel
  • Inverse problems in mechanics and heat transfer
  • Finite element applications in nonlinear dynamics

Thomas Garcin

  • Thermomechanical treatments of metals and alloys
  • Design Optimizations Using the Finite Element Method
  • Modeling of physical metallurgy of steels and non-ferrous metals
  • Software development for the analysis of ultrasonic wave properties in metals (CTOME Inc.)

John Grace

Multiphase reactors

  • Fluidized bed reactors
  • Reactor modelling
  • Gasification, combustion, roasting

Wenying Liu


  • Use of sea water in heap leaching
  • Release of selenium and associated toxic elements from mine waste materials
  • Heap leach modelling

Daan Maijer

Modeling of industrial materials processing

  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Flow
  • Stress

Warren J. Poole

Microstructural engineering and Mechanical behaviour of two-phase materials

  • Advanced aluminum alloys
  • High strengths, high formable steels
  • Metal matrix composites
  • Microstructure/property models

Vladan Prodanovic

  • Thermodynamics, heat transfer and multiphase flows, particularly in boiling heat transfer
  • Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Green Building Design in Clean Energy

Steve Rogak


  • How particle morphology of solid, fractal-like particles (such as soot) affects the transport properties and measurement of the particles. A related research project has sought to characterize the difference in real particle morphology as a function of engine operating conditions.
  • The development of new fuel injectors and injection strategies to minimize particle formation in compression ignition engines; new phenomenological models of particle formation in engines.
  • Reduce aerosol concentrations where people spend most of their time – inside buildings; remove harmful nanoparticles using filtration systems that do not require excessive energy consumption.

Jörg Rottler

  • Condensed Matter
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Biophysics

Chad Sinclair

The Sinclair Research Group focuses on understanding and predicting the relationship between processing, microstructure and properties of engineering alloys

Leili Tafaghodi

  • Sustainable high temperature materials processing
  • Synthesis and refining of high quality metals and alloys
  • Thermodynamics
  • Mineral processing

Tom Troczynski


  • Processing, microstructure and properties of ceramics
  • Refractories
  • Ceramic coatings (sol-gel, thermal sprayed)
  • Bioceramics
  • Adhesion of ceramics to metals
  • Ceramic and metal matrix composites
  • Semiconductive and photocatalytic ceramics
  • Ceramics for fuel cells, ceramic sensors, fracture and wear of ceramics
  • Polymer matrix composites