Current Projects include:

    • Interface-based Design: A New Frontier of Alloy Development. In collaboration with Evraz NA and Stelco
    • Microstructure Engineering for High Productivity Welding of Pipeline Steels. In collaboration with Evraz NA and TransCanada Pipelines
    • Laser-Ultrasonics as an Innovative Sensor for Microstructure Control. In collaboration with Evraz NA
      The first laser-ultrasonic system for metallurgy (LUMet) with programs primarily aimed at developing process models for advanced sheet metals. Collaborations with an international user group of researchers and industry from nine countries
    • Run-out Table Bottom Jet Cooling. In collaboration with ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc.
    • Accelerated Cooling Investigation at UBC Pilot Scale Run-out Table. In collaboration with Dillinger Hütte
    • Microstructure development during extrusion of AA3xxx aluminum alloys. In collaboration with Alcan
    • Deformation induced phase transformations in metastable austentitic stainless steels. In collaboration with ArcelorMittal Stainless Steel
    • Simulation of Critical Interface Phenomena in Advanced Steel Processing
    • STEM-in-SEM Characterization of Nanostructured Materials
    • Precipitation Strengthening in Nb/Mo Low Carbon Steels. In collaboration with CBMM
    • Through-process modelling for optimized electron beam additive manufacturing
    • Coupling plasticity to phase transformations in metastable structural alloys
    • Microstructure-mechanical property relationships for engineering alloys
    • Mechanical Properties of Buckled Pipe Material. In collaboration with TransCanada Pipelines.
    • Microstructure Engineering of AA6xxx Aluminum Extrusion Alloys. In collaboration with Rio Tinto Alcan.
    • Microstructure/Property Relationships for 6xxx Extrusion Alloys. In collaboration with Ford and Rio Tinto Alcan.

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